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Cross-Sound Cup Update

The First Annual Cross-Sound Cup will be held on Saturday, October 21 in Edmonds.

The rain date will be Sunday, October 22.

The event will begin at 10:00 am and finish approximately 4:00 pm.

This is a team event between PTPA and Edmonds Petanque Club.

Each team will have 12 players, and each player will compete in three matches: one triples, one doubles, and one singles. The team with the highest number of wins will claim the cup.

The following players have already secured their places on the team through their performances in club competitions during 2023:

Silas Holm: doubles league/club singles

Bekah Howe: doubles league

Bob Crossley: doubles league

Scott Wilson: doubles league

Tiffany Whiteford: club singles

Tom Niemann: club singles

Rob Gruye: club singles

Robert Force: club singles

Per our agreement with EPC, the team should have at least four women participating, based on proportional membership representation. To achieve that requirement, two places on the team are reserved for the two highest placed women (who have not already qualified) in October's Mixed Triples event.

That will leave at least two at-large places on the team, but there may be additional at large places should qualified players choose not to participate. If you wish to be considered for an at-large slot, please use the comment option on this post to add your name to the list. The PTPA board and sports director will assign the at-large places, considering such factors as gender representation, volunteering/participation in club events, and service to the club.

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