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On to Finals Week: Qualifying ends for Club Doubles League

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Let's start with the scores from the fifth and final week of league play:

Dave and Robert def. Tayloe and John 13-3

Rob and Pete def. Christine and Jean 13-12

Honey and Eric def. Sam and Michael 13-6

Bekah and Silas def. Tom and Andrew 13-2

Scott and Bob def. Blair and Tony 13-6

And that concludes qualifying for the Club Doubles Title. No team finished undefeated which is a testament to the high quality of play across our club.

Two teams finished 4-1. Bob and Scott defeated Bekah and Silas in week three, giving them the tie breaker and the top seed on Wednesday, May 3. Bekah and Silas grab the number two seed, leaving two spots available for the four teams that finished 3-2.

Sam and Michael

Dave and Robert

Rob and Pete

Blair and Tony

The first tie breaker is head-to-head. With four teams in the pool, unsurprisingly we do not mutual results among them to use this tie breaker. In short, they didn't all play each other; therefore, the second tie breaker triggers: strength of schedule. As noted in an earlier post, strength of schedule is determined by number of opponent wins.

Two teams played significantly higher performing opponents (14 wins) and will grab the the two remaining semi-final spots.

Those two teams are

Sam and Michael

Blair and Tony

These two teams tied on strength of schedule, so final seeding will fall to the third tie breaker: point differential. Sam has a +10 differential on Blair and his team takes the third seed. Setting up the following semi-final matches:

Scott and Bob against Blair and Tony

Bekah and Silas against Sam and Michael

Note that the higher seeded teams will have choice of court and control of the jack for the semi-final only. I will randomly select a court for the finals after excluding the two semi-final courts.

The finals match will follow these semi-final matches on [UPDATED:] Sunday, April 30th. I will post a starting time for the matches as soon as I negotiate it with the participants.

I hope that we can get a good turn out to watch what is sure to be some highly competitive petanque.


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