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Things Heat UP in Doubles League: Week Four Report

First, let's look at the scores from last week's games:

Honey def. Christine 13-7

Tom def. Tayloe 13-3

Blair def. Dave 13-9

Bekah def. Rob 13-4

Sam def. Scott 13-12

And things are super tight heading into the final week of qualifying. Four teams are in a position of "win and in". They do NOT control their own destiny...because no one controls destiny, right? (I hate that expression)

And now, here are the current standings:

  1. Scott and Bob 3-1

  2. Bekah and Silas 3-1

  3. Sam and Michael 3-1

  4. Blair and Tony 3-1

  5. Tom and Andrew 2-2

  6. Rob and Pete 2-2

  7. Dave and Robert 2-2

  8. Honey and Eric 1-3

  9. Tayloe and John 1-3

  10. Christine and Jean 0-4

And finally, what you've all been waiting for, the final matches of qualifying for the league title. And most importantly, what's at stake is a chance for two of these joueurs to have their names permanently engraved on the Champions Trophy and forever enshrined in the shed. First up: Dave v. Tayloe

(Dave and Robert will be semi-final eligible with a win here, as only 3 teams can finish 4-1)

Next up: Christine v. Rob

(Rob and Pete have an outside shot of stealing a semi-final spot, but other results would need to break their way)

Here's where things start to get interesting: Honey v. Sam

(If Sam and Michael win, they're in the semis. Honey and Eric are in spoiler mode)

Fourth Match is a doozy. We've got Bekah v. Tom.

(Tom and Andrew looked buried at 1-2, but still are in with a shout of advancing if they win. Bekah and Silas? Win and in...or hope other results break their way, a risk they'd rather avoid) And finally the match of the round: Scott v. Blair...the only match-up of 3-1 teams.

(Obviously, it's win and in for both teams. And the loser will drop into the crowd at 3-2, perhaps left wondering what might have been or relieved to grab that last semi-final spot)

For those wondering, here are the criteria for breaking ties in qualifying for the semi-finals. And there will be ties guaranteed at 3-2.

1. Head-to-head results

2. Strength of schedule (determined by adding the wins of each team's opponents)

3. Point differential of all matches played This should be a very exciting week of play. Don't forget to mark your calendar for finals day: Wednesday, May 3. Time: late afternoon

I do hope we can get a nice crowd of members out for the event...beverages will be provided! Perhaps we can rally a nice pot luck as well. See you round the piste! Tom C PTPA Sports Director

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