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Doubles League Begins

Updated: May 9

The PTPA Spring Doubles League is now opening play. All first round matches must be played by the end of the day on Wednesday, April 3. Results must be reported to Tom C from both captains by 9:00 am on Thursday morning, April 4. The score of the match is essential, as point differential is a tie-breaking factor.

Format: Fourteen participating teams have been divided into two divisions. Each team will play all the other teams in their division once over the first five weeks. Each team will have one week that they will have to play two matches. The sixth week's matches will be played between teams from opposing divisions that hold the same placings: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc. The division that wins the most matches in week six will carry court selection control into finals day.

At the end of the six-week league season, the top two teams in each division will move on to play in the finals on May 12. If two teams tie, the head-to-head result will determine which team moves forward. If three or more teams tie, point differential will be used to rank the teams. The players on the teams that finish in the top three places will reserve places on The Cross-Sound Cup competition against Edmonds at the boulodrome on Saturday, September 14.

The two captains will flip a coin before beginning each match. The winning captain may select the court for the match. The losing captain will have control of the jack for the first end. Matches are to 13 points.

The Edouard Manet Division The Claude Monet Division

Honey Niemann & Eric Troll (Karen Huguley) Tom Niemann & Andrew Sheldon

Bekah Howe & Tiffany Whiteford (Jen Caldwell) Sam Cavallaro & Silas Holm (Michael Frantz)

Loretta Hanson & Jordan Green Tayloe Washburn & Jenny Hoskins (Warren)

Bob Crossley & Scott Wilson (Robert Gruye) Stan Jonasson & Linda Jonasson

Lester Phillips & Jerry Lauth Zee Uballe & George Englebeck

Dave Robison & Robert Force Barbara Phillips & Rhonda Lauth

Terry Cameron-Kling & Susie Hunter Tom Challinor & Tony Quinteros

Week One matchups:

Honey vs. Bekah Tom N vs. Sam

Loretta vs. Bob Tayloe vs. Stan

Lester vs. Dave Zee vs. Barbara

Honey vs. Terry Tom N vs. Tom C

Direct any questions to Tom Challinor, Sports Director,

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